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Published Jan 1964 by DC.

Cover art by Sheldon Moldoff. You Get What You Pay For! public service announcement, script by Jack Schiff, art by Win Mortimer. "The Zodiac Master" starring Batman and Robin, script by Dave Wood, pencils by Sheldon Moldoff, inks by Charles Paris; Batman and Robin battle the Zodiac Master, a criminal who claims to be able to predict accidents and uses zodiacal symbols as weapons; The Dynamic Duo learn that the Zodiac Master have been rigging the accidents and they try to stop him, but he constantly manages to escape until the heroes find a way to infiltrate into the criminal's secret hideout; After a long battle and series of several traps prepared by the Zodiac Master, Batman finally finds a way to stop him and captures the crook for good. "The Hobby Missions" starring John Jones Manhunter from Mars, art by Joe Certa; Manhunter agrees to perform three feats for charity. 32 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.12.

Detective Comics #323

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