Captain America (1968 1st Series) #113 FN/VF Classic Steranko cover.
  • Captain America (1968 1st Series) #113 FN/VF Classic Steranko cover.

    Published May 1969 by Marvel.

    Cover by Jim Steranko. "The Strange Death of Captain America," script by Jim Steranko (plot) and Stan Lee (dialogue), pencils by Jim Steranko, inks by Tom Palmer and Jim Steranko; The news reports Cap's death and explains that "Steve Rogers" was a fake identity while Madame Hydra has Cap's HYDRA file burned; A flashback reveals how she replaced Baron Strucker as head of the organization; The Avengers, Nick Fury, Sharon Carter and several SHIELD agents hold a wake but are suddenly gassed by HYDRA; Rick follows to the cemetery and is almost caught, but Cap unexpectedly appears on a motorcycle, very much alive!; A battle follows, ending when a set of missiles miss their target and kill Madame Hydra; Cap reveals he faked his death in order to retain his secret identity. Appearances by the Vivion, the Black Panther, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor. 36 pgs., full color. $0.12.

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