Brave and the Bold #102 VF+ [Early Teen Titans]
  • Brave and the Bold #102 VF+ [Early Teen Titans]

    Giant-size issue. Cover by Nick Cardy. "The Commune of Defiance," script by Bob Haney, pencils by Jim Aparo (pages 1-13), Neal Adams (pages 14-21), and Dick Giordano (page 22), inks by Jim Aparo (pages 1-13) and Dick Giordano (pages 14-22); Batman recruits the Teen Titans to help defuse an explosive confrontation between Gotham City's "Establishment" and the Young Aquarians, a group of young citizens inhabiting a crime-ridden neighborhood; The situation is complicated by an internal struggle for control of the neighborhood, fought between a local crime boss and the Young Aquarians. Reprint story from The Doom Patrol #100: "The Robot-Maker Must Die" starring Robotman, The Chief, Elasti-Girl, and Negative Man, script by Arnold Drake, art by Bruno Premiani. Letter to the editor from comic editor Bob Rozakis. 52 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.25.