Black Widow (Marvel) #1 VF-
  • Black Widow (Marvel) #1 VF-

    .Published Jun 1999 by Marvel.

    THE WARNING: The following analysis is for your eyes only and discusses the proposed elimination and replacement of Natasha Romanova, a.k.a. the Black Widow! THE TRANSMISSION: Data retrievement has uncovered the manufacture of an unstable variation of the "Super Soldier Serum" once used to empower Captain America. Satellite photographs locate chemical production facilities somewhere in the desert of Rhapistan. THE PENTAGON ASSESSMENT: Definite involvement of hard-line KGB agents targeting acquisition of Serum. Request immediate reactivation of Natasha Romanova, former Avenger and one-time spy. THE RISK FACTOR: New Black Widow Operative activated with priority one orders: terminate and replace Natasha Romanova. Written by Devin Grayson. Art and wraparound covers by J.G. Jones. Cover price $2.99.