Black Panther World of Wakanda (Marvel) #1 [Collected Edition]
  • Black Panther World of Wakanda (Marvel) #1 [Collected Edition]

    Published:November 09, 2016, Writer:Roxane Gay, Yona Harvey, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Penciller:Alitha Martinez, Afua Richardson, Cover Artist: Afua Richardson

    Writer ROXANE GAY (Bad Feminst, Hunger) spins a Wakandan love story - its tenderness matched only by its brutality. You know them now as The Midnight Angels, but in this story they are just Ayo and Aneka, young women recruited to become Dora Milaje, an elite task force trained to protect the crown at all costs. And in a special backup story, acclaimed poet YONA HARVEY (Hemming the Water) explores the true origins of The People's mysterious leader Zenzi. Black Panther thinks he knows who Zenzi is and how she got her powers, but he only knows part of the story... Illustrated by rising star AFUA RICHARDSON (Genius). What happens when your nation needs your hearts and minds, but you already gave them to each other? Illustrated by industry veteran ALITHA E. MARTINEZ (Iron Man, Black Panther).