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Published Jan 1969 by DC.

DC 80-Page Giant G-55. Mostly reprint issue featuring the women in Batman's life with new bridging materials written for this issue with a script by E. Nelson Bridwell, pencils by Gil Kane, and inks by Jack Abel (10 pages). Clayface and Catwoman in "The Women in Batman's Life!" Catwoman reprint, "The Secret Life of the Catwoman!" (from Batman 62 in 1951). Vicki Vale, girl reporter in "Vicki Vale's Secret!" (from Batman 73 in 1952). Reprint of "The Dilemma of the Detective's Daughter!" (from Batman 165 in 1964). Kathy Kane (Batwoman) in a reprint of "The Menace of the Firefly!" (from Batman 126 in 1959). Also appearing in this issue: Eclipso, Queen Bee and Poison Ivy. Excerpts are included from "The Crimes of the Catwoman" (Detective 203 in 1954), "The Batwoman" (Detective 233 in 1956), "The Problem of the Proxy Paintings" (Batman 194 in 1967), "Batman Vs. Eclipso" (Brave and the Bold 64 in 1966), "Beware of Poison Ivy" (Batman 181 in 1966), "A Touch of Pooison Ivy" (Batman 183 in 1966), and "The Million-Dollar Debut of Batgirl" (Detective 359 in 1967). 84 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.25.

Batman 208 FN/VF

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