Auteur #1  (Oni Press) NM
  • Auteur #1 (Oni Press) NM

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    Published Mar 2014 by Oni Press.

    W) Rick Spears (A) James Callahan (CA) Eric Powell Fresh off the biggest bomb in Hollywood history, disgraced and desperate producer Nathan T. Rex enters a downward spiral of drugs and depravity in a quest to resurrect his career and save his soul. Over budget and behind schedule on the latest installment of the horror franchise, PRESIDENTS DAY, T. Rex is backed into a corner by bad publicity, a crap project, and a jerk studio exec, but finds salvation at a strip club by huffing glue, and a chance encounter with cable news. Welcome to the most deranged, notorious, and hilarious comic of 2014! We apologize in advance. Cover price $3.99.