Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Marvel)  #1998 VF
  • Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Marvel) #1998 VF

    In the misty reaches of the prehistoric past there strode a mighty creature, a scarlet-scaled beast named Devil Dinosaur--his only companion, a young Dawn-man called Moon Boy! Now, stranded in our present era (ever since their appearance in Ghost Rider (1990 2nd Series) #82), the quirky couple that sprang from the mind of Jack Kirby become the star attractions of none other than the Ringmaster's Circus of Crime! And when the towering red monster explodes out of the big top and goes on a rampage, even the wondrous web-spinner may not be able to stop him! Written by Tom DeFalco. Art by Tom Lyle and Robert Jones. Wraparound cover. Cover price $2.99.