Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #78 VF [1st appearance of Prowler.]
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #78 VF [1st appearance of Prowler.]

    Published Nov 1969 by Marvel.

    Cover by John Romita Sr. The Night of the Prowler!, script by Stan Lee, pencils by John Buscema (layouts) and Jim Mooney (pencils), inks by Jim Mooney; Peter tries to see Gwen only to find that she is (apparently) on a date with Flash; Hobie approaches his boss with ideas for new safety devices for his job as window-washer, only to be rebuffed; He implements them in private, adds a cloak and a mask, and thus creates The Prowler; Hobie plans to rob a newspaper as the Prowler then return the money as Hobie, making himself a hero; Naturally Peter (as Peter) discovers the Prowler in the act and J Jonah discovers Peter in front of an empty safe. Reprinted in Marvel Tales # 59. 36 pgs., full color. $0.15. Cover price $0.15.