Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #313 VF/NM [ Todd McFarlane cover]
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #313 VF/NM [ Todd McFarlane cover]

    Published Mar 1989 by Marvel.

    "Slithereens" Inferno crossover. Script by David Michelinie. Art by Todd McFarlane. Cover by Todd McFarlane. Story continues from Web of Spider-Man 48. Amid the rage of Inferno, Peter and Mary Jane rush to Queens to check on Aunt May! Fortunately she is okay. But back at Empire State University, Dr. Curt Connors is definitely not okay. In fact he has become the Lethal Lizard again! When Martha Connors and her son Billy stop by the ESU lab to check on Curt's welfare, the Lizard strikes! If the web-slinger can reach campus in time, he may be able to save Martha and Billy! But as far as saving the Lizard...sadly that time has long since past. Cameo appearance by Jonathon Caesar. (Note: The Lizard appears next in the first issue of the Spider-Man (1990) series.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.00.