Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #220 VF [Moon Knight App]
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #220 VF [Moon Knight App]

    Published Sep 1981 by Marvel.

    "A Coffin for Spider-Man!" Guest-starring Moon Knight. Script by Michael Fleisher. Art by Bob McLeod. Cover by Bob Layton. A crime wave is sweeping across New York City! And the leader of the outbreak is Moon Knight! Hold on, isn't the knight one of the heroes in this town? That's what the web-slinger thought! At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Spider-Man interrupts Moon Knight's next heist! But then he helps his lunar adversary escape! Is the wall-crawler joining or stopping the (crime) wave? Cameo appearances by J. Jonah Jameson and Frenchie. Second story: "The Nursing Home Caper" Script by Mike W. Barr. Art by Win Mortimer. With quick thinking Aunt May stops a robbery at her nursing home. Cameo appearances by Anna Watson and Spider-Man. (Note: The web-slinger and Moon Knight previously met in Spectacular Spider-Man 22 & 23 and Marvel Team-Up Annual 4.) 32 pages. 50 cent cover price. Cover price $0.50.