Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel ) Annual #16
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel ) Annual #16

    "Who's That Lady?" First appearance of the second Captain Marvel. Guest-starring the Avengers and the Thing. Script by Roger Stern. Art by John Romita Jr. (breakdowns) and John Romita Sr. (finishes). Cover by John Romita Jr. and John Romita Sr. It's the dazzling debut of the new Captain Marvel (aka Monica Rambeau)! After gaining her powers in a freak accident on an offshore oil rig, the New Orleans native needs help controlling her awesome new abilities! Monica travels to New York City in hopes of finding the Fantastic Four! But she bumps into the Spectacular Spider-Man first! After eluding the web-slinger, Captain Marvel zooms to the Baxter Building! However, Ben Grimm can only offer moral support, so he sends the distressed captain to Avengers Mansion! Once there Shell-head and the Wasp attempt to stabilize Captain Marvel's runaway powers, but the wall-crawler inadvertently interferes! Is the new Captain Marvel's superhero career going to be over...before it even starts? Cameo appearances by Harry Osborn and Liz (Allan) Osborn. Avengers Lineup: Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Thor, and the Wasp. First backup feature: "The Many Loves of Peter Parker" One-page breakdown of the various loves of Peter Parker's life. Second backup feature: "The Daily Bugle" One-page illustration of the cast of characters at the Daily Bugle. (Note: Captain Marvel appears next in Avengers 227.) 48 pages. Cover price $1.00.