Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #194 CGC 9.6 White Pages
  • Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #194 CGC 9.6 White Pages

    • 1st appearance of the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)
    • Text illo of Black Cat by Dave Cockum.
    • Marv Wolfman story
    • Keuth Pollard & Frank Giacoia art
    • Al Milgrom cover
    • Published Jul 1979 by Marvel.

    First appearance of the Black Cat in "Never Let The Black Cat Cross Your Path!" Part 1 of 2. Script by Marv Wolfman. Art by Keith Pollard (breakdowns) and Frank Giacoia (finishes). Cover by Al Milgrom. One of the landmark issues of the Amazing Spider-Man series! The dazzling debut of the Black Cat! The wall-crawler has spent the first 193 issues of his title chasing super-villains! But tonight he's going to kiss one instead! Wow! Does the web-slinger stand a chance against the beauty and charm of Felicia Hardy? Not when the alluring cat has his tongue! And maybe later his heart! A terrific issue! Cameo appearances by Aunt May, Betty Brant, Ned Leeds, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, Mysterio (in civilian clothes), and the burglar. (Notes: The Black Cat is the creative highlight of the Wolfman-Pollard run on the Amazing Spider-Man title. Dave Cockrum designed the cat's costume. The letters page includes an alternate cover (for issue 194) by Keith Pollard. It also includes an alternate cover to Spider-Woman 9 by Carmine Infantino. This two-part story was reprinted in the trade paperback: Spider-Man vs. the Black Cat (2005). Cover price $0.40.