Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #184 VF [1st White Dragon]
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) #184 VF [1st White Dragon]

    Published Sep 1978 by Marvel.

    "White Dragon! Red Death!" Part 1 of 2. Script by Marv Wolfman. Pencils by Ross Andru. Inks by Frank Giacoia. Cover by Ross Andru and Bob McLeod. A disappointed Peter Parker walks back to his apartment and discovers Betty Brant (Leeds) inside! Hold on, didn't Betty marry Ned Leeds several months ago (in Amazing Spider-Man 156)? Yes, but now she's interested in Mr. Parker again! However before the web-slinger can tend to his affairs of the heart, he must tend to business in Chinatown! And as depicted on the dramatic cover, that business may be dangerous, fiery, lethal, or all of the above! First appearances of Phillip Chang and the White Dragon II. Cameo appearances by J. Jonah Jameson, Dr. Marla Madison, and John Jameson. 32 pages Cover price $0.35.