Amazing Adventures (Marvel) #18 NM- [1st Killraven]
  • Amazing Adventures (Marvel) #18 NM- [1st Killraven]

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    Published May 1973 by Marvel.

    Cover by John Romita Sr. First appearance of Killraven in "The War of the Worlds!", script by Roy Thomas (Plot), Neal Adams (Plot), and Gerry Conway (Script), pencils by Neal Adams (pp 1-11) and Howard Chaykin (pp 12-20), inks by Frank Chiaramonte; New York City, 2018 AD. Killraven fights his way through a subway tunnel against a gang led by Scrapper; He enters an empty Grand Central Station to find the Keeper, who unleashes a few mutants against him; Killraven blasts a hole in the Keeper's wall, thus emptying his weapon; While the Keeper shoots at him, he throws a sharp piece of machinery and impales his enemy; Astonishingly, the man thanks him and tells him a story about 1901, when Martians invaded Earth; Inspired by the H.G. Wells novel. Article by Roy Thomas describing the creative process that led to the book. 36 pgs, full color. $0.20. Cover price $0.20.