Adventures into Weird Worlds (1952-1954 Marvel/Atlas) #27 VG+
  • Adventures into Weird Worlds (1952-1954 Marvel/Atlas) #27 VG+

    Published Mar 1954 by Marvel/Atlas.

    The Man Who Wasn't, art by Mort Lawrence; When a scientist invents life in a test tube he is erased from existence by God. Haunted House text story. The Dwarf of Horrormoor; A duke plays a trick on his dwarf jester by replacing all of the furniture in his room with smaller versions so as to make the dwarf appear normal size when he wakes. The Thieves, art by Matt Fox; When Earth is warned that the aliens heading for them are thieves they have no idea that their intent is to steal the sun. The Invaders!, pencils by Ross Andru. Half-Human!, art by Robert Q. Sale; The manufacturer of androids unknowingly marries one and only finds out when he deploys gas to dissolve a group of rebellious androids that plot to depose humanity. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.10.