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Published Jan 1973 by DC.

Cover by Nick Cardy. Towbee the Minstrel of Space in "The Made-to-Order Menace!", script by Elliot S! Maggin, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson; A space-travelling bard who has the power to create what he sings about comes to Earth and creates a super-menace for Superman to battle. "The King of the Jungle Contract!", script by Len Wein, art by Dick Giordano; Christopher Chance is hired by famous hunter Gunther King, who believes that his rival Ernest Holoway is trying to kill him; The Human Target travels around disguised as King on safari in Kenya, dealing with traps that have been set for him; After fighting a lion and a buffalo, he gets into a gunfight with the hidden Holoway. Letter to the editor from comics writer David (Dave) Micheline. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.20

Action Comics 420 FN

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