2002 Bluntman And Chronic "Chronic" Action Figure
  • 2002 Bluntman And Chronic "Chronic" Action Figure

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    Is he the sidekick to bluntman, or vice versa?

    It's a point of contention in the rocky relationship between the Hemp Knight and the Boy Blunter. Armed with a codpiece that some say is more a-peel-ing than oppealing. Chronic's commitment to using his superheroic status to score as much payolo and see as many chicks naked as possible is matched only by his total lack of interest in busting bad guys. With a lack of hair and attitude that scream '80s-death-metal-meets-suburban-white-boy-hip-hop,the far more vebose half of the Boobage Duo is the kind of coseumed vigilants who'll scream 'Shotgun!' before jumping into the BlunrMobile - even though there's no one else competing for the seat. But if anyone can be counted on to accidentally thwart a supervillain's evil plans, it's this hopless horndog!

    • Suzanne the Orangutan
    • Two Additional Interchangeable hands
    • Multi-purpose Banana
    • Genuine synthetic hair
    • Odorless poop-on-foot prop